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hire300Parent Services Project is committed to helping families, service providers and educators build effective partnerships that promote and advance parent leadership and increase family engagement. In addition to our direct service work, we share our experience and expertise to equip partners at the local, state and national levels with concrete tools for advocacy and change.

PSP provides training, coaching and professional development tailored to the unique roles and needs of family leaders, early childhood programs, community-based service providers, educational institutions and others. Our training curricula and resources can be utilized in a variety of ways – as a stand-alone training series, as part of a professional development program for staff and administrators, as the foundation for courses at the community college or four-year college levels, and as a training-of-trainers for individuals with experience in the field, among others.

Our training team is available to provide site specific training, professional development, coaching and technical assistance to staff and/or families of early childhood programs, educational institutions, social service and other community-based agencies. To find out more about PSP’s training curricula and resources, please contact us at the main office 415-454-1870.